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Instructable not published? Answered

I published my first instructable 2 days ago, but it isn't showing up on the site.  I can see it through my own page, but the views are at 0.  I read that it can take some time for it to be published, but does it really take this long?


If you mean "How to disable insite student", it looks as though it has triggered the automatic filters.

They are cleared by humans with normal lives, so you'll have to wait until at least Monday before your project hits the public lists.

However, given the destructive, potentially-illegal nature of your project, I would expect that it never sees the full light of day.

Thanks for the response.... I think... that makes sense though.

I would have to wonder why there is a hacking contest if they aren't going to publish it; but it's their loss.

Nope. It's your loss. Next time, try something constructive instead of destructive. You might even win a contest with something sufficiently constructive.

You said yourself - your project was black-hat.

We very much focus on white-hat hacking here, and even more on the hack to improve culture.