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Instructable not showing up. Answered

Hey, I published an instructable yesterday about 1 o'clock central time about a DIY CO2 reactor, and it still hasn't shown up under the "recent" tab. Is this normal? Is there someone I need to contact about this problem?



I don't see mine in the Pocket contest either, but when I try to add it, it warns me it is already there *shurg*

I don't see anything wrong with the photo. Also, liter and litre are the same words. In fact, litre trips the spell check on Firefox. I'm American, I'll spell it liter.

The photo is badly out of focus (I'm talking about step 3, which you have entitled "Step 2"), and litre isn't American, it's Latin-based.

Oh, and if you click the "reply" button to reply, your comment appears on my space and I find out about it quicker.

Acrtually, its from the french word "litron" -- a measure of the grain. That word itself came from the Greek word for pound, "litra". And please: leave us alone and let us spell things the way we want to! We don't go around correcting your mispellings! :P

Actually, you do! Anyhoo, Sgt Waffles asked for help, he got it, but complained about it. He's made his bed.

I don't correct your britisheese, then :P

Be patient.

I assume you mean this project?

I can't see anything that could have tripped a filter, except maybe the word "reactor". Just be patient, it's the weekend, give it a day or two before you worry.

(You might want to take the chance to replace the photo in step 2, and change the spelling of "liter" in step 1 to the correct "litre")