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Instructable rated up to 5.22!!! Answered

There are some strange things going on on instructables...

4 Knex instructables are the highest rated instructables ever...
And one has ratings over 5 - 5.22, and that instructable belongs to: I_am_Canadian

What is going on?!?


look at bumpus's new ible..used to be 4*


It was up to 5.78.. Then you and your rats rated it down. Don't be a hater. Hater.


dude, it was only me. and you might not have known, but i rated it 4.5 now......

Yeah, and I'm going to trust you? I doubt someone who 'pegged' me as being tied with Skate6566, would rate something that high.

considering that there were collaborators who are 100x better than you, my rating for your ible is a 4.5. BTW, red ledzeppie's comment

another note, you are ahead of skate in my book now, since he embedded a rickroll video from youtube on my board

yeah wtf, my survival kit Ible went from a 4.0 rating to a 1.89 over night. somethings screwed up and I want my rating back

bumpus's new instructable now has a rating of 2.8.......after i gave it 4.5

Haha! Yeah...

You must have hacked the site to do this...

IaC hacked the site. LoL, jk XD

This is sitewide, and I've posted a bug report (why didn't anyone else?). The ratings you see are calculated "on the fly" when you load the page. Clearly there's something broken with the underlying data.

I wonder if this is related to the other (and on-going) database problems with people's comments.


9 years ago

One of my forum topics has 5.73...

I know! My plushie is #1 right now, and it has a rating of 5.6something. The top rankings have changed entirely. I was #2 yesterday, and the Plasma Speaker was #3. Wall-E was #1.