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Instructable spinoffs?

I created an Instructable a while ago for my Black Widow Hearse and after posting it just wasn't happy with it and thought that maybe I should have done each part of it in it's own Instructable.  Would it be acceptable to do that now and should I still keep the original one up to show how I used it or just include a pic of the Black Widow Hearse all put together at the end of each Instructable?

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lemonie (author)2010-04-19

You could just tidy-up the one you have.
Since it's already there, there's little value in removing it, but the separate parts could be useful for people wanting to do smaller projects.


Kiteman (author)2010-04-19

Of course that's acceptable.

Leave the original up, but edit it to include links to the new Instructables in the appropriate steps.

RavingMadStudios (author)2010-04-19

I think it would work to split it up into a serial format, i.e. Black Widow Hearse Part I - The Hearse, Part II - The Horse, Part III - The Driver (or however you divide it up), and end with Part ?? - Putting It All Together.
Or you could do entirely new Instructables like - Corpsing a Blucky, Making a Zombie Reindeer, etc. and include links to the existing Black Widow Hearse as additional illustration of the concepts.
If you do decide to re-do the hearse one in parts, I'd remove the old one just for clarity's sake.