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Instructable update leading to error

Hi there,

I wanted to update my photo Instructable ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-cut-wooden-herborium/ ) but even if I tried yesterday and today, it leads to this error:

ERROR 401: edit object EP37PU4H5Y9VOAC -
ERROR 401: edit object EP37PU4H5Y9VOAC

I wanted to update the keywords, once it's already published (add keyword).
The path I followed to get there :
- From the Instructable page https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-cut-wooden-herborium/
- I chose Edit (the buttonon the right from "Author options")
- I clicked on the "Publish" tab
- I changed the keywords
- I clicked on "Save changes" (bottom)
- I got the above error.

Thanks for your help!


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Chad Baxter (author)2012-09-04

you should enter it in the hurricane laser contest

mikeasaurus (author)2012-08-25

Try adding keywords directly from the project page, not through the editor. As the author look on the right hand side of the project page, there should be a box that says "author options" and a button to "change keywords".

r4f (author)mikeasaurus2012-08-25

Thanks mikeasaurus, but it reminds me to post another bug: it doesn't work at all on my computer...
See screenshot below.
That's why I tried by editing it.

mikeasaurus (author)r4f2012-08-25

What browser and OS are you running?

r4f (author)mikeasaurus2012-08-25

Win 7 + Chrome 21.0.xxxxx (but I also tried with IE 9 and got the same result...)

Kiteman (author)2012-08-25

Bug report submitted.