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Instructables Build Day 5/31/13 Answered

It's time for another build day at Instructables!  I'm going to try to continue working on my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Amigurumi patterns.

What is everyone working on today?

*Will update as I have images :)



5 years ago


I'm working on a dangerous fun way to apply milled pepper to food, and editing video

I'd try it, if it wasn't for the blow-back...

I've been pepper-sprayed and gassed. Not fun.

Ah, the cultural highlights of the Big Apple...

I'm making a giant balcony litterbox for my high-rise puppy. Ikea carries flat-bottomed plastic storage bins that are nearly perfect. Just needs some hacking.

13, 8:34 AM.jpg

Why not just drill a hole through the balcony?

Ha ha ha Good one !

The downstairs neighbors might complain. They don't actually have a balcony, so the corner of their living room would catch the business end of the dog's business. Without fences, it is good floors and ceilings that make good neighbors.

I'd be tempted to take up tap-dancing...

Ha! That was exactly my issue too. I got suckered into buying it because OH LOOK AT ALL THE FANCY STITCHES... but I never used them. The tension went out on mine, too. I even took it apart in an attempt to fix it, and I fixed the grinding noise, but everything else remained. I just don't think I'll ever get a computerized one again.

I just couldn't make myself take a machine that I had only paid $150 for in for service when it couldn't do all the things I wanted it to do when it was still working well. ;)

And it really is like buying a car! Maybe it's time for one of those instructables to happen. :D

The bad thing is that you cannot really donate a non-working machine and you don't want to pass it on to someone that still needs to repair it. I dunno, stick some felting needles in there and use it as a fancy felting machine. The serger design really drove me nuts with the rethreading everytime the thread snagged, you had to be a contortionist to reach the inaccessible arm to rethread in an unlit part with tweezers - all designed for right-hand operation I guess.

I'm not making right now, I'm researching and shopping for my next largish project.

It's going to take several weeks, but if it works it will be soooo good!

Raw materials are ordered...

I got a new sewing machine! YAAAAAAAY. Now I have to figure out what to do with the Brother.

Also going to mess with some jewelry making if I can get all these contests done, which might not happen :P


Oooo, Janomes are nice. I had upgraded my Brother mechanical and Singer serger to Janomes. What I had were good starter basic machines but badly needed factory adjustment when the stitches weren't coming out right. Only really used a few of the 25 stitch patterns available. Maybe it was the materials other than fabric that I ran though the machines. Naaaah. I had scoured ebay and found some affordable refurb units. I don't recall any ibles on getting making your first purchase of a sewing machine. It is like getting a new car.

I'm ordering my new amazing room in Oakland. Monday, I will return super charged!


Im playing around with my new 3d printer that instructables sent me. Thankyou so much it was completely unexpected.

I will be taking a nap, and tomorrow I'm going to (hopefully) do something (yet to be figured out) awesome.

Maybe it should be build weekend then! I'm also planning on finishing up my deep fried apples tomorrow :)