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Instructables Build Night Live Video Feed Answered

As promised, here is the Instructables Build Night Live Video Feed.

If you cannot make it to the event, come watch the internet in real life!


Awww I was at camp! but coincidentally I built a toilet prank in bed that night.

Is it a bad thing that I created a new Yahoo account that says I'm 21? It said that I was too young-I'm 16! Glad I found this! On to the shop!

no, im 16 and i do it all the time :P

Blast! Do... do you have an archive? I'd really love to watch it.

AW! I only just now saw this...will you do it again someday??

AWWWWW i missed it, completley forgot, there should have been a reminder

Aw mannnn! I forgot about this! Too busy in extra credit summer school.

Dang, only about 4 days till Jessy, and then a couple of weeks later, Josh!

I might not be able to see Jessy but maybe Josh. Hopefully Jessy is there when Josh is there.

Heh, Josh.

Funny if you think about the osh part. Josh. Osh. Josh. Osh.



10 years ago

Hi all!


<remembers his work PC doesn't have a camera>

<remembers he's not supposed to stream video either>