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Instructables Bulletin Board Answered

We occasionally get awesome stuff in the mail, and post it up on our bulletin board.  I've decided to scan it all in and share it with you.


 Yay! I see mah letturz! :)

I've just added another business letter.

WHOA there, some letters have real names in them, not cool...

A real name, by itself, is not such a totem as it once was.

You know my real name - it's quite unusual, but if you google for me, you'll find I'm a crook, I'm dead, a classical guitarist, a photographer and a Sky journalist.

I also build aeroplanes, design gardens, a " VP Digital Content Delivery Services" (?), I live in LA, Houston and Marbella, I have a band, I've written a book whilst living in Australia (about myself, keywords alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, rehabilitation, substance abuse, biography)

I'm a lawyer, chief financial officer for a church charity (ironic?), a trusted family doctor, an athelete and an American teacher.

Good grief, I'm even a Royal Marine and I've tampered with medecines!

In fact, I got all the way down to page 17 of google before I fund a reference to me by my real name, and that was something I linked to from this site!

Perhaps- but the people sending it were unlikely to have thought it would be used in this way.  Combine that with the address of a kid in the sixth grade, and I think a little more caution should perhaps be exercised.  Then again, just my two cents...

In the picture of you with the werewolf, it looks like a post is coming out of each of your heads!

The fact that he has made the effort in writing a letter and started to discuss and describe his invention and idea(s) - - gives him 10 out of 10.

forget all that-i just want the cool blue shirt-wait- the guy wearing it isnt too shabby either- wink wink lol

I sometimes wonder what the bulletin boards at the Patent Office look like...

I used to have my own jewelry business and the crazy letters I received I still have saved - my favorite was one on requesting me to send my brochure of little animal pins so the letter writer could "start to make them right away".
These are funny, thanks for sharing,

How weird is it that I knew Paul's letter was from Paul before I read it was from Paul. 

I think it's great that he called instructables a "fictitious business" at 489 Clementina. That's awesome.

Hope all is well at your AWESOME NEW LOCATION!

Walk on.

"jobbie" - it's nice to see some of your mail, thanks.