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Instructables I might post Answered

Hi. I wanted to know, how many people have TECH DECKS and want to learn how to do tricks on them? Because I was gonna post some tech deck instructables and I just wanted to know if you instructaneers would want those instructables. So, if you do, please tell me. Thanks.


I didn't know those were for anything other than rolling off your desk.

We need a button next to "Preview Comment" that, when clicked, would put the text of your Law in the comment box. Then topics like this would require a simple three-click process to answer.

. I like that idea! Maybe Zachninme will write a GreaseMonkey script.

well, Your law ;-)


10 years ago

Sure - there's a quite large group of youngsters here, so I am sure some will want to know. And Kiteman's Law.