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Instructables, I missed you Answered

So, did the downtime result in any updates? Post em if you notice em!


Instructables was down? Didn't notice. I just experienced slower loading times, but just thought it was my modem. Back to normal speed, thanks!

When was this? I didn't see any downtime?

BTW, is the site getting even less IE friendly? Whe I go on through school, the whole page is vertically stacked, lacks the orange and many of the logos.

When I hit reply, sometimes I get it just scrolling to the top of the page, sometimes I can reply and sometimes nothing happens at all.

I also have trouble seeing the videos, but that may the filters - youtube is frowned upon, so much so that if you hit a link to youtube, or type in www.youtube.com, the IE switches off completely.

That's always - since there is never a problem from home on Firefox, I've always assumed it was an IE / school filter problem.

Yep, that's what happens for me in IE, and on my PSP.

Or is IE less Instructables friendly?

another reason why firefox is better than IE : ]

but as for those filters... as a student, I know a few tricks to get around them. though it depends on how smart you're tech department is (or rather, how smart they think you are), you might be able to get away with using a proxy or viewing a web page through another web page.

If you type cache:example.com into google, it will show you it's cached picture of that, even if the school blocks that page.

Looks like I missed the chaos. I was at work fighting off creepy old men. :|

Fighting off creepy old men? Is it like my friend who had one guy come in every day that she worked? Or just creepy guys in general?

A few generally creepy, but one of them is in his 50s and he actually ask me out last year and I obviously had to turn him down - he came back in tonight and kept lingering around the buy counter. He actually bought stuff, put it in his car, and then came back in and talked to my coworkers even more. He kept trying to find excuses to come behind the counter. He's a weird one.

"Oh, I just want to put my book down over here." "Oh, wow, can I come back there and look at those encyclopedia sets? I have some just like these." And general initiation of weird conversations and the subtle (or not so subtle) working his way behind the counter. Like he'd say a sentence, talk a step closer, etc. Very odd.

Yeah, sounds like it. Good thing I don't have to deal with creepy guys, and I guess I'm too ugly to deal with creepy old ladies...

Oh, no. The creepy old ladies will come. Give it time. They're everywhere!


10 years ago

I think I missed the party... :-(


I thought my computer had gone wonky LOL

Every time I was clicking REPLY it would scroll down a page. Now it is back alive again......let me check something...

Same thing was happening to me, except opposite, It would scroll up.

It would be impossible to determine. Experiments with eye glasses that turned the world "upside down" showed the brain eventually "righted and adjusted" to the new way the eyes saw, and original functionality returned. We have such cool brains, don't we? :-)

We were trying to reconfigure and make a bug fix to our solr servers, which run the search, sortings of projects, and related Instructables. It didn't exactly go as planned. The site is under a lot of load right now, and things are starting to split apart at the seams...

Anything the community can do? Other than - you know - stop visiting the site! ;-)

Ha! Don't do that. If you visit even more and post more awesome stuff, there will be no question as to whether I need to get more servers. Right now I think we can put another instance of solr on the file backup machine and probably make it work...

More posts - check. I've got a "how to brew beer with a Mr.Beer kit", and a "how to jury-rig a solution for a broken laptop hinge" instructable coming up - possibly this weekend...

Oh oh... If we mail rachel some duct tape - will that help? Past experience states that duct tape fixes splitting seams :)

Apparently you pulled at least one plug before you actually closed the site down...I opened Firefox, and Instructables took a while to load (it's my home page--duh). When it finally appeared, there was no header, no footer, no sidebar, and no formatting. About five minutes later I tried again, and it loaded normally, although it was a bit slow. Then I clicked an interesting Featured I'ble, and then I got the "site is down" message.

Now I've had supper (Chipotle-yum), come back, and it's alive again! Yay!

I wrote up a nice big reply to someone, and as soon as I hit post I got site message. I don't feel like writing it again so, too bad.

Same here. EXACT same thing here. Except for the supper.

Ahhh, that explains it. My network constantly dies, so when my friend said "why doesn't instructables have any pictures" (he was using my computer), I figured it was a network issue...

I've found that shoelaces are really good at holding things together. Everything from wrapped blankets to, it seems, servers. Try it out =]

I can just imagine Rachel frantically grommeting and lacing up the seams of the servers...


10 years ago

Hmm, I got back on about 8 EST (5 PST), and I found the old Instructables homepage. Anything we can do, Eric?


10 years ago

Will do!