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Instructables Internship - Day 3 Answered

Day 3! Whoo!
(The hotel's internet wasn't working, so I had to wait until now to post)

Today was another brightcough day at Instructables HQ. I continued working on some small little projects of my own, as well as poking the database and forcing it to spit out the exact information that I wanted. (later, I wrote a script to do all the poking for me)

The new rating system will be much better, taking more into account than just a click, which will lead to more accurate ratings, which means you'll all get even more awesome instructables! Horray!!!!!

Its amazing being here, though. Everyone's so great and helpful, its really hard to put into words... I feel lucky to be here!

And don't worry, you'll get a blog post for today, too!


Now you just need to make an instructable about how to get free stuff for everyone on this site.

Step one: Annoy people Step two: Annoy people some more Step three: There is no step three Step four: Pounder why there is no step threee Step five: Wonder if the author can't actually spell "three", or if it was a sincere typo. Step six: Get free stuff

Step nine: Good, so you read all the steps before you began, good job! Skip steps 7 & 8.

Step 10: Going to get ready to post a new forum topic, then shower.

Ahh, so you're there. I never knew.

And remember our little talk.

Just kidding.

(If you're confused, you said that when you're there, you might get me something, you said I had to wait and see.)

It's up to you though. :P

I noticed in areas where advertisements usually are, there are logos of Instructables. Is that a new instituted feature? Sounds really fun! Keep up updated!

I think that they're just running internal ads in addition to the others...


10 years ago

Nice, but still no "laser cut something for Marc" yet... ...I'm still waiting!