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Instructables Member Cards! Answered

Hi, gmjhowe here.

Well i had eaten my sandwich early, and i was kinda bored during my lunch. So i decided to make full use of my work computer producing these lovely 'members card'

I figured that we all love this site, and would be proud to carry a member card around. Also if you print many of these off they can be used as pseudo business cards, great if you want to give somebody a link to all your projects!

I also have now added a generic card, for people to hand out that just has the normal web address on! (thanks skate for the suggestion!)

Now, this is how it works, i have the full artwork files, done in Quark Xpress, anybody is welcome to have these, just PM me.

Anyone else who wants one, just hit a comment below, listing how you want your name, the title you would like under your name, your 'member since' date, and your member page.
Also add the image that you would like.
I will reply with a comment, with a nice pdf file for you to print off and use!

I will then work my way down the comments, first come, first served.

Thanks again,


(ps, ive also included a .pdf file of my member card, so you can see what quality your getting)

(pps, yes i am providing these file for free, it just might take a while to complete)


and you should make like a instructables bussiness card that says need help go to instructables.com.or instructables.com make sure you mention me to 1997589.

ow and put mac/appel computer lover and video gamer.

hey i would love one. name:1997589 member since May 23,2009 instructables.com/member/1997589 /


9 years ago

I would like one n8man sig creator Joined April 27, 2008

Here is my image, if you want to, you can make the white part of the image clear and can remove the black border. I can also give you the origional photoshop (CS3) file if you need it.

bomb pose 2.jpg

Want help, Laird howe? I don't have Quark Xpress, but I do have photoshop...

i should be ok but i may ask for help i intend to import the quark to photshop anyways so if i need your help, i will deffo ask

*Gmjhowe is swamped with requests.* You're going to be very busy very soon...

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sweet! i'm going to make mine my self if that is ok, you already have lots to do. you should try taping the paper to a playing card to make it more durable(i think you could print directly on to the playing card, and use rubbing alcohol to get the ink off of the card)

I work at a printing works, so i actually printed mine on a proper digital machine that we use for printing business cards, i used 350gsm card.

never mind, i don't need them any more. i already finished mine. i used your design, and just replicated it, and gave it some personal touches(i replaced the instructables robot on the back with my link instructables robot that i used to have as my avatar) i will get pictures soon. i had to print it on plain paper and then tape it to a playing card. it's not perfect, but it will do for now until i get a better printer.

do you have any jpeg files for the back and front of the card? my computer stinks at opening up pdfs...

i can make some jpegs if you wish, or put the it into photoshop.

Wow! This is so sweet gmjhowe! I would really like to have one! (Name:) Plasmana (Title:) The High Voltage Expert Member Since: Apr 4, 2008 www.instructables.com/member/Plasmana/


Umm, sorry, do you mind if my title is changed to "High Voltage Expert"?

That's an excellent item! :-)

. That is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. Great job!

I loves it! I wants it! I must has it! My precious!

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The picture is obvious. Any of the following would do, but I prefer the original.

chibi godzilla.jpgCHibi Godzilla Shadows.jpgGodzilla with Hat and Shirt.jpg

9 years ago

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yeni ikon.JPG


Wow, I like the idea! Perhaps I would... Copy a bunch of them and leave them in Business card slots at other stores! Yes! Great idea, gmjhowe! Could you maybe make a "general" one, one that just links to the homepage, that I can leave in places?

haha! like calling cards?? I will get working on a generic one! did you want to place an order for your own?

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