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Instructables Mention on Gladiator GarageWorks Blog! Answered

Hey! We were listed in the list of of top sites in the Gladiator what's your favorite blog contest! 

Gladiator GarageWorks Blog

"We’ve had many heated debates about what are the best blogs for DIY weekend warriors, tools, car and bikes, organization and home improvement advice.
During those debates, we slugged it out amongst ourselves making strong cases for our own picks.
And eventually we agreed on a few things — the blogs you need to read (if you aren’t already.)
And to kick off our very first comment contest here on the Gladiator blog, we’ll share with you our hard-fought list of favorite blogs. Then you can enter the contest by telling us about yours."


Interesting that they classify the site as a 'blog.


I thought the same. Doesn't seem quite right but we're in good company all the same.

Blog-site perhaps, but not 'blog singular.