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Instructables Podcast 001: A Day Late and a Dollar Short Answered

A Day Late and a Dollar Short. Here is the inaugural episode of the Instructables Podcast: How Do I?

We received a lot of what we referred to as housekeeping questions that we felt we should just take care of straight away to get them out in the open. We hope those lay out more clearly what we're doing, and what we're hoping for. We had a two technical glitches where Jake's mic was cutting him off in case you're curious why there's some weird buzzing/cut noises mid way into the file.

The two questions we received dealt with adding smoke or sparks to toys and creating vehicles that are powered by the wind.

A few references from this episode:

Make your own hackerspace/makerspace:

Pope Smoke:

Sailing Lingo:

Jake and I both had songs we thought would be fun to have as an intro or outro and in the end I just made the decision to use a loop from Garageband (as it was on my computer). It's free, no one is going to get angry, and if something else comes up in the future, we can always update.

We're incredibly unprofessional, as you'll gather from our introductions and closings. We might get better at that as we go along, but I don't expect that's going to happen. As it happens, I absolutely love our opening/closing remarks, but that might just be me.

You can listen to or download the episode below, listen over at archive.org or check it out at our homepage:


For next weeks episode:
If you have any questions (or feedback) you'd like us to field in next weeks podcast, please leave them in the comments below or PM me and we'll do our best to include it!

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Kiteman (author)2013-03-24

Will all the pod casts be at the same link (that is, is it worth favouriting)?

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StumpChunkman (author)Kiteman2013-03-30

A webpage and an rss feed (I'm not sure if you requested the rss feed exactly, but it comes with the page) ^_^

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StumpChunkman (author)Kiteman2013-03-24

Not currently, every podcast is going to be a new forum topic. But I'm working on getting a webpage up to host them on so I can get an rss feed for them, and so they can be in one location. Give me a week (maybe two).

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killerjackalope (author)2013-03-24

Nice job - sometimes it could be a little more concise...

Featured authors maybe? Interviews done by them for those difficult to get in touch with at a time that suits...

Question for a show - do you think makers in different parts of the world approach projects differently based on culture? Resources aside...

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mikeasaurus (author)2013-03-23

Fun show, and much improved over the pilot. You guys have a natural chemistry on air, and some very interesting topics were discussed. I think having reference notes in the writeup is also a great idea.

Some questions for your next show:
What are some ways to get over "the wall" when working on difficult build?
Can you discuss the benefits of sharing unsuccessful projects?
What projects are you guys working on?

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Kiteman (author)2013-03-22

Much improved on the pilot episode, and such interesting questions!

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StumpChunkman (author)Kiteman2013-03-22

I thought you might appreciate those. I figured I'd be fun to just go through the list you gave one item at a time.

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Kiteman (author)StumpChunkman2013-03-22

But you did the whole list in one batch - now I need to think of some more...

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