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Instructables Restaurant returns Answered

The Instructables restaurant has appeared again in the Netherlands. This time it was outdoors for an event call Nuit Blanche. All of the food and furniture was made following Instructables so visitors could remake anything they saw.

Table de Nuit Instructables Restaurant


LOVE! I would like to organize something like this... seems like it could be a lot of fun!

awesome. Like those chairs

We love those chairs. They are actually top halves of the 55 barrel drum chairs by Monkeybrad! https://www.instructables.com/id/Recycled-55-Gallon-Barrel-Chair/

That is a really nice idea to have an instructables restaurant, and those legless chairs looks awesome!

Woah thats awesome !

I'd love to see a list of what they had there, if possible with reviews from attendees and makers, so folks who were unable to attend could also see how well things worked and make what they had there.

Awesome, and those are some cool floor-chairs!


Cool! Are these people and ideas in the Group Instructables cafe?