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Instructables Robot Costume: Any Suggestions? Answered

Alright, this is going to play a major role in the making of my Halloween costume this year, which will be documented and an iBle will be made. And after thinking it over, I've decided to just go ahead an tell you what it is of, to ward off confusion. I will attempt to make the Instructables Robot! So, for my costume, I need to make a head, body, and wrap around pieces for the arms and legs. Here's what I plan to use: Head: Just a box, I'll paint the eyes and mouth on. A ball for the "ears", coat hanger for the antennae. Body: This is where I'm stuck at. I don't know how to make a body that will fit me and is the right shape. I've PMed a member, and he thought that I should form newspaper in a bathtub, and make it fairly thick. This sounds like a great idea, but I don't know if I could make it look like Robot. Then I thought of forming the paper over formed chicken wire, but I don't know if the wire would hold its shape. Any suggestions? Arms and legs: Haven't really paid much attention to these, but I would probably just form some newspaper. I'd paint and detail it all. I'd probably hook a bicycle helmet into the head, to secure it. I'd run some rope or cord to secure the body. I'd wear skates, but my neighborhood isn't one for skating, in the dark. Anyway, I'm the worst skater. I really appreciate your help!


I thought there should be a link here to some Robot images, so here it is.

Chicken wire--have you been reading To Kill a Mockingbird?
Probably foam would be your best bet. Chicken wire will dent annoyingly when you run into a tree while skating at night. Although, if you didn't mind doing a LOT of papier mache, the inflated trash bag might work; however, it would be pretty fragile, and unless you sealed it well, any water drips would be very very very very very bad.


10 years ago

You could make a pattern for the body out of blue foam and then either fiberglass it and melt out the foam or use it as a form to paper mache over. You might even be able to inflate a large trash bag and use that as a paper mache form. Then use suspenders to hold the body on. For the arms and legs use painted dryer vent ducting.

fiberglass.....now you have me itching LOL

I thought the "ears & antennae" looked a lot like those mini-plungers one uses for clogged sinks :-) of course with your wire instead of wooden handles.