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Instructables Robot Family Answered

Please meet some of my long lost and briefly lost cousins. 

Long lost robot cousins
Briefly lost robot cousins
emergency food preference


Hmm, be careful with horse meat. You can become hypersensitive to penicillin from that.

I'v never had horse, but I am hypersensitive to penicillin. What about camel?

I haven't a clue about eating camel(s), they can give you lung cancer though ;-)

Camels, the cigarettes can give you lung cancer.......Sorry, I was punning there :-)

Oh I thought you meant eating them could give you lung cancer...

Nah, eating Camels may give you worms, but not lung cancer ;-)

I saw something that said eating brais can make you sick or something like that.

Um, Brains or Bras I am not sure which you mean (brains MUST be properly cooked or you can become very ill, yes; there is so much blood in them which is the main carrier of disease through the body). I have eaten sweetbreads, but that is about as close as I have ever come to the brain :-) .

Prions aren't destroyed by cooking (some can be but you can't rely on it). They cause Creutzfeldt-Jakob and Mad Cow Disease - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. Bad bad stuff, usually transmitted by eating brains.

yeah, I searched further, you are correct.

LOL oops!!! Yes, I meant brains.

And of course, it is dependent on the animal too: swine or monkey would be, in my book, dangerous yet some still partake *shrug*

No pig or monkey for me either. I'v had sheep brains (slow cooker for ~8-10 hrs, cleaned very carefully, blood drained). Actually it is recommended that you eat camel once a year, but I only have had it once. Its actually quite good.

I've played football with a sheep brain, but thats really off topic...

Well, sweetbreads are the thymus gland....but I wouldn't feel a burning need to go all out in that respect :-)

Ack ! That's an unclean animal :-) Really, I wouldn't mind tasting it if it were well cooked, but I am not going to make a habit of eating camel nor horse.

Monkey? I would never eat any part of a monkey.

Nor would I, but I have read that some cultures do. This doesn't make them healthy (they may not live to be older then 20 in that tribe *shrug*)

But then again it may be where they live that makes them unhealthy too.

See Canida's post just a few above these, and my link and answer...

Ok. I was wondering what prions were...

Yay robot! Did you see my sister's pictures of you?

My apologies: (In haiku!) Just kidding, Robot. I wouldn't ever eat you You are too awesome.

nice haiku! here's my try: ible's are so cool. I log on everyday. This site is the best.

T3h_Muffinator, Why must you speak in haiku? It is annoying.

Why must you hurt me? After all, you know it's bad, Alas, I shall cry.

No, Do not cry! That is not the true reason. Answer lies within.

What could lie within? Everything is beyond me, Even my control.

What are their names? Do they lord over other internet domains? These are pressing questions! :D

The Instructables robot is not a member of that group, now stop spamming it.


why is it humping that poor horse :(