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Instructables Robot, KNEX! (VIDEO ONLY!) Answered

This is the video of my slide show knex robot accessible here.

This is only because I can't add videos to a slideshow (So mods, DO NOT ADD MORE KEYWORDS!)


You can, however, embed a hosted video (eg YouTube) in an actual instructable!

Do it, BB, make a proper ible for this.

I will, but only after I make color. I was Kinda wondering if it was feature worthy, could you give me some tips of what need improving?

So far, all I have seen is the end product.

The end product looks good. I don't know if dressing it up in printouts would improve it, or hide your work.

To make it "featurable", the instructions must be readable and easy to follow. Don't do too much in each step (there is no maximum limit to the number of steps).
"Do what it shows in the photo" won't cut it. The photos must be in focus, macro where needed, and properly annotated.
For K'NEX, it may be appropriate to also include short videos in steps that are hard to describe as words.
If the robot is programmed, include the programme in a suitable format.
If specialist pieces are required, list them, and maybe offer suggestions for sources.

On top of that, spelling and grammar are also important.

Its a slideshow..... The programing comes with the set, and I said what chip to use. I mean how can I make it a featured slideshow?

Very rare for a slideshow to be featured, unless it is of something very cool and unrepeatable.

Your robot is repeatable, so the best way to get it featured is to make a proper instructable, showing others how to duplicate your work.