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Instructables Robot Major Malfunction Answered

A couple of days ago, the Instructables Robot had a major malfunction! It had dutifully sent a couple hundred thousand welcome notices, but at the 222,222th message, just starting smoking and foaming at the mouth. It crashed all the servers (on a newsletter day no less!) and just started going berserk. Fortunately, its power supply overheated, slowing it down, and we were able to toss a net over it stopping the carnage.

For the time being we hacked together a replacement robot and linked the original Instructables Robot's profile to Robot 2.0. So don't be surprised if you see the new robot around. Our plans were pretty good, but there must be a spark of sentience as the new robot has slightly different tastes.

Anyone have ideas as to what happened? We're still not certain where the robot actually came from, but maybe that would help provide some clues?


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Nope,and saw the rick roll coming!I usually join their games of "dump grass on each others head"

LOL! As expected, I knew you were going to complain about the rickroll! :)

thanks for the warning i almost looked at it

I decided to make one. (Longer, of course. :P)

I was right! The Soviets did download a virus onto him! =O

Yeah? You replied to the 'empty' comment: I agree with you one-hundred percent.

Well, there was nothing to disagree with, right ? :-)

Oh, yeah, that right. Why am I arguing about is anyway? I'm out of here!

sorry, I didn't mean to irritate you.

No,no, thats okay, I am just arguing at my self! :)

Gee, I never thought they would feel that power surge reported when I having my heart worked on a few days ago. The lights dimmed 3 times and totally went out once :-)

The air conditioning did actually go out on me in the hospital.....it was miserable the first two days...

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I know, on my last day there, I had a nurse actually chase me down the hall (my gown had come open in the back, and I guess I was either scaring other patients or grossing them out) :-)

Lol that reminds me of a cartoon i saw and it was like "your gown is on backwards"

Yeah, I posted a copy of that when I got back from the hospital :-)


Damn u beat me to it, I'll change a couple of things to make it original. Read the words