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Instructables Robot Patch? Answered

I've emailed a few Instructable staff and posted a question elsewhere, but no responses... so... here's my question:

I have a local company that creates custom embroidered patches and I want to have one made with the instructables.com robot... but they do have a minimum order quantity.  Is the robot logo available for something like this if it's sold online here and nowhere else?

I'm not looking at making a fortune... just enough to cover my costs and shipping... and to have a couple left over to sew on my bookbag and give a few to friends.





You ought to get the right answer, it's not the easiest question to give you the result you want, but I expect that'll do it for you.


I've PM'd Fungus... hopefully the answer will be a positive one... been wanting to create a patch with that logo for a while.