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Instructables Show & Tell at the Bay Area Maker Faire! Answered

Join us for Instructables Show & Tell at the Maker Faire!

Stop by to visit, and bring your cell phone to engrave on our laser cutter! You can check out our toys and schwag, see what other users have made, or display what you've been working on.

Just sign up for an hour at our booth's Show & Tell Table to show off what you've made- you can demo your project, chat with other users, and still have time to explore the rest of the Maker Faire!

To claim your hour, you can: comment on this post, send me a PM, or send me email @instructables.com. I'll need your username, your project(s), and your preferred time(s).
Available hours are listed below; I'll fill in a chart as people sign up. We have space for up to three presenters at any one time.

Saturday, 19 May 2007: 10-6pm

Sunday, 20 May 2007: 10-5pm

Contact me if to sign up, or if you have any questions, and we'll see you at the Maker Faire!


Hrmm.... Can I sign up tentatively? I'll be there fore sure barring massive mechanical breakdown that I can't fix with hand tools and a torch.... But the tentative part comes from the project... if I can get permission to bring it to California. I mentioned it awhile back in a previous discussion... but as a hint for everyone else... It's about 8 feet long :D

Where will this be held?

I've edited to add that it's the Bay Area Maker Faire; not terribly near you, unfortunately.

Oh darn. There should be one on the west and east coast.

Well, they're holding one in Austin in October, but that still doesn't do much for the east coast!

or you know, like: in england... I'd be there like a shot if its anywhere in the northwest

I'd like to go: Does the faire cost anything? Thanks!

Ticket info here. You save $5 by preordering tickets, which makes day passes $10 and 2-day passes $15.

I've edited the post to include the base Maker Faire link.

Thanks! I'm a student too (not quite graduated), so I can get in for 5 =)