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Instructables Song Answered

I've been working on a song for a while on guitar but I haven't been able to come up with lyrics. Then I was thinking, what about a song about Instructables? I don't know if anybody here has ever heard End of the World by REM, but the tune I have now would be good for a fast paced song like that. So anyway, does anybody want to make any special requests to be included in the song? Like, people, events, topics, instructables, or achievements. I'm going to try to include all of the main things about Instructables as well. --EDIT-- After reading the posts I figure it would be better to not use the song I have but to use something else. For example like the song on the Discovery Channel. So anyway I'm just going to sort of switch over this topic to just Instructables song Ideas. Thanks, D.T ~Rockerx~


I guess you didn't get to the the part about putting on LED pasties...Right-o!

Far better than my singing voice (which I regularly inflict on small children as a punishment).

Boom de yada, boom de yada...

LOL-let's hear a sample, I'll believe that when I hear it...

Oh, but we wanted you to sing at least one line in our version of the boom de yada song...

Maybe, if you don't let on which line is me...

Okay-but surely we can credit you for being in the song?

There is no need to credit the voices. We'll just let imagination take care of that.

It's a lot better than mine. Mines uh......well lets just say its the reason I decided to not be in choir this year. If you want to sing its fine by me. Though if you want to sing a song other than your own you'll have to check up with whoever wrote it.

Okeedokee. If a better candidate steps up, I'll step down though (wouldn't be hard to top that, now would it?). :-)

That's not so bad really...my tone deafness makes my singing sound a lot like someone doing a dead-pan speech :-) did I say speech ? I meant screech LOL

Well, thank you for saying so-I hear they can do wonderful things with audio mixing software these days-LOL

I'm completely the opposite-I've got a very good tonal memory...which makes it possible for me to play tunes on the piano by ear.

I can't play tunes by ear.....they get too sore (you probably expected that one *sigh*). I play harmonica and must memorize the song, note by note, bar by bar, timing and all....it is a lot of work.....unless I am just jamming on my own :-)

LOL-you have an irrepressible sense of humor. I like that.

I'm impressed-I never could play the harmonica. Never could figure out what exactly to do with it.

with the harmonica......half the notes are gotten by blowing on the little holes, and the other half are gotten by sucking on the little holes LOL Sorry, I know you know that much already :-)

Ah...the mystery partially clears...I didn't even know that!

Didn't your harmonica come with a little instruction sheet ? My Honer Marine band (key of C) did. First song I learned was When the Saints Go Marching In :-)

Lol-I must've gotten cheated-it came with NO instructions...

Was it a Hohner marine band ? I know my Cord Harmonica (I have 6 harmonicas altogether) had no instructions with it either......I WANT to get one more harmonica....a Chromatic (able to change cords by means of a slide button). *sigh* some day maybe....

I have no idea what it was-I think it was from the Dollar Tree, LOL.

It wasn't in the shape of a plastic banana was it ? J/K ;-)

But POETRY, or song words, I can write :-)

With the timing to any piece of music I know? ( of course to something I know, it can't be to something I don't know *sigh*), but I mean, it doesn't matter which type of music? Fast / Slow tempo, rock/love song/ballad?
*shakes head* Now I am talking to myself WHILE I am talking to someone else....

I've been running Queen tracks through my head. This is a first draft to the tune of "We Will Rock You!"

Buddy you’ve a drill make a big noise
Playin’ in the shed gonna get a work shop some day
Stuck in cubicle space
It’s a disgrace
Could be launching Coke cans all over the place.

We will, we will mod you
We will, we will mod you

Buddy you’re a youngling, brain man,
Typin’ on the web, gonna change the world some day.
There’s the Sun out in space,
You big disgrace,
Should be mountin’ solar cells all over the place.

We will, we will mod you
We will, we will mod you

Buddy you got junk man, stuff man
Divin’ in the dumpster really makes your day!
It’s dark in your place,
You big disgrace,
Should stringing LEDs all over the place

We will, we will mod you
We will, we will mod you

Good one! Now we need a Bohemian Rhapsody Spoof :) I like It!

Already working on it:

Is this a light bulb? Or is it LED?
It came from a printer, got scrapped with a CRT
Open the side, look deep inside and see…
I use a dremel, but prefer a leatherman,
Because I make just one then mode it some, have to own a unique one,
Got a tin of Altoids, Making’s second nature to me, to me…

Eric, just made a thing, post the ible, like you said,
Clicked on Publish, now it’s read.
Eric, I’ve another one,
K’NEX but I’ll go and post it anyway…

Running a bit dry after that, though...

That's really good, it rhymes at the same time the real lyrics do. Hope you can finish it :)

Eric, just made a thing, post the ible, like you said,
Clicked on Publish, now it’s read.
Eric, I’ve another one,
K’NEX but I’ll go and post it anyway…
Eric, oohh, I will really try,
If I’ve not posted it this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on and I’ll upload photos later…

Too late, the time has come,
The deadline’s on us now, will I get it post in time?
Goodbye, ev’rybody, is what Coolz said
Gonna leave you all behind and face the truth
Goodbye, ooh, I should really go
I sometimes wish I'd never joined at all

I see a little set of High Tension gizmos
Van De Graff, Van der Graff, and a tall Jacob’s Ladder
Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very fright'ning me
(Mind the spelling) Mind the spelling. (Mind the spelling) Mind the spelling. Kiteman will let you know ..ow ..ow…

Then the "easy come, easy go bit...

Hey! You finished it! :) I like it! P.S-check your inbox

Thank you. Sometimes the muse strikes me.

> I'm not happy with the Coolz reference - anybody got a better bit to slot in there?

> Also, the Bismallah section...?


9 years ago

That wasn't to bad actually, you might want to keep your voice close to the same sound all the way through! :D

Yeah...I know, it stinks...nobody else is volunteering though...

Its okay Skate, It wasn't a joke. I was just pointing out that you leaked the collaboration of an instructables song to the masses. :D

She posted the freaking link below.

Oooh, I did not see the comment.

Pfft, so far its the best one on the site! :D