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Instructables Store Answered


I wanna buy a shirt for the Detroit maker faire so I can represent instructables. But the store isnt working. Help?

It looks like the store might have been defunct for a while. Try to PM fungus amungus, randofo, or scoochmaroo directly to ask. Hit em up for some stickers while you are at it.

So should I just ask for some stickers and a shirt?

I thought they might have sold them at the SF Maker Faire, you would have to see if they sell the shirts.

Great T . Can't afford postage, I am in Australia you know. Very good work. Well done.

This Is beast, YO Fam innit I iz da new English BadMan round Get me Cuz

A true Instructabler would build a T-Shirt press, make one of these, and then send money to Instructables anyway. :-P http://sshiteck.ru/

This is good~but i just can't decide what i want!


7 years ago

I don't know if it's just me being dense, but, well the UK site doesn't seem to work? Just me...?

I get; "This Spreadshop has not been activated yet. Please try again later or contact the shop owner."

see that's what I get too

Swet :)

i wish i could buy one

Is the Uk shop not working any more? I'm studying Chemical and Biological Engineering, so the "GREEN SCIENCE ROBOT" would be perfect, but shipping is more expensive than the shirt...


8 years ago

 Oh! Pick me! (Waving hand frantically in air) You should make ones of you staff's signatures/avatars. That would be really cool!!

A true Instructabler would build a T-Shirt press, make one of these, and then send money to Instructables anyway. :-P

I've been thinking of making one of them but haven't found one, thanks for the link.

!! great idea ! ill whip it up in photoshop and send you the image, you can get it put on a shirt on cafepress :D

wwwwsssshhhhPOP ! - That was an awesomeness overload ! As soon as i get pay-pal im buying that shiz

its pretty expensive, but idk, maybe you have over 100 dollars lying around im just kidding, i kept the normal price

Hahahaha lol, Yea sure i got a thousand in my pocket

how convienant! I just jacked up the price to $1000

hahahah FOOL ! i would have payed a million gold for that epic shirt !!! muhahaha

Printing on the back costs more so the price is up to a million :0 and I made a teddy bear

Once AGAIN i out-wit you my friend ! you see i would may a trillion polished gold pieces to even see a picture of said bear !! MUHAHAHAHA

DAMN i ran out of gold coins, do you take sliver pennies ??

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