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Instructables YouTube Show/Series Answered


I had the idea of making a YouTube show promoting great tutorials and projects from Instructables about 3 years ago. At the time I didn't have the skills to create it. After taking up a short course in video editing and graphics, I was finally able to create it! 

I wanted the show to really help get the word out not only about Instructables, but also the world of DIY, recycling, re-using, creativity and the hands on building skills that many of us are losing because of the impact of new technologies. If the show motivates just one person who isn't familiar with Instructables to create something, I think it's a great success!

Here's the first episode:


I hope you like it! There'll be more episodes to come!


- Nick

PS. All authors gave me permission to feature their Instructables in the video. 


Episode 3 is now out:

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks again to all of the authors who created the projects and also to everyone watching and supporting the show!

Thanks! Sure, I'll have a look! :)

Brilliant idea. Subscribed!

Also maybe post an instructable on making good videos if you get some free time from InstructThis.

Thanks Antzy!

Sure thing! When I have the time I'll create an Instructable :)

I like your videos

im waiting for more videos!!

Thank you Karen! There's one more episode scheduled for the end of this month! :)

Just published Episode 2! Here it is:

Episode 2:

Nice job - I've subscribed!

If this is going to be a regular series, you ought to think about mixing brand-new projects with older classics.

(Good on you for asking permission of the authors, even though you don't actually need to as long as you provide a link back to the original.)

Thanks heaps Kiteman!

I currently have another two episodes planned for the next two months. I'll make more if the series continues to be well received :) Yes, I agree with your suggestion. This video was actually filmed over a year ago! If newer episodes are made, the balance between newer and older projects would be more balanced.

It wouldn't feel right to me to use any authors work without their consent. I know I'd want someone to ask me for permission if they were to include my work in a video!

Looking forward to your feedback on the next episodes, Kiteman! Thanks for subscribing!

Maybe mix that up as well - ask permission for projects that feature heavily, don't both if it's a brief mention.

(This of yourself as a reviewer - you should credit sources, but not necessarily ask permission.)


2 years ago

awesome video !, I have subscribed !! Hopeing to see more in the future ..

Thanks heaps Carmelito! There'll be two more episodes to come :)