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Instructables as an Extracurricular Answered

Really weird question. I didn;t know where else to ask.

So I really love tinkering, building things, and making Instructables. I'm applying to college and thought putting it on would be a good idea. However, I really don't know what to 'call' it.

if the admissions officers don't know what Instructables is - it looks really weird. Online Tech Blogging would be a wrong way to phrase it. Tinkering is far too general. I'm looking for a short and specific term that includes my love for building/making stuff, and my interest in instructables.

Thanks for the help, and I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask :(((((



7 months ago

If you have any instructables that made editors pick, you could consider yourself published? Your instructables can serve as a great way to show an employer that you can teach and explain things to others so they can achieve positive results.

I say "Maker & online author".

Maker. You make stuff and make online stuff of it?