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Instructables bugs and issues? Is it just me? Answered

Is it just me, or has their been a spike in the number of spam BS about "age defying creme"  and "unique way to get muscles", etc etc, etc. on the question page? At times I would see like 3-7 random posts like that, and have gone through and flagged them all as spam. Sure enough they have disappeared later that day.  Currently, there are 5 SPAM POSTS I have found in nearly consecutive order! (I did not link these to avoid getting flaged as spam myself, and I flagged all of them already so they may have rotted already. Who knows.)






That's just ridiculous! Also, recently, instructables decided to stop sending me email updates on comments on my instructables, and I have checked my settings for emails from instructables, as well as spam. I am not sure if the problem still persists, but I have had to actually load up my previos question on my DSL not working properly to see answers. (I suspected something was up because after a day, no email was received that I got answers. I knew that was not likely. Sure enough when I went to some of my published 'ables, I saw comments that I did not receive as email updates! Wats up with dat?) If anyone else is having similar issues, I will probably find way to file bug report with this info. My guess is that the security for making new accounts is compromised (like captchas not working properly) and that the 'ables robot server is not working properly. No clue. What I do know is that I will be refreshing this page periodically to see new replies to test if emails work or not. I will post in the comments if they do.


Hi! There are always a few spammy items that leak through and go live, hence the flagging feature. These represent a tiny fraction of what actually get's caught in the filters, so we appreciate your help in flagging this type of stuff when you see it.

So if you see a spammy post, flagging it will send it to a queue for staff review, and we'll clear them out in a timely manner. It should be noted that maintaining a direct link, such as the ones shared above, will allow a person to go back to "deleted" spammy items (despite them being technically gone and no longer searchable or showing up live on the site.)

I'm not sure about the buggy email issues, but I'll poke our developers and have them take a look into it. Thanks!

The other form of sneaky spam are the guys with "outlook" issues or whatever spamming for someone to come along and suggest their repair product.

Yes, I colloquially refer those as "tag-team" spammers.

this is how we deal with robot spam around here. please excuse me for not taking the time to make the robot into the Instructables robot.


Were the tags on them previously just called 'spam'? Or is that literally how they are filtered away? I have just now noticed all the links above, the tags for them just say 'spam' in them :/ Not sure if that is how it was before.

OK then. It is weird though that I have not seen that amount of spamming ever in the past on the question board, thats why I thought it may be a bug with the filtering, or a recent change to the algorithms that make them work.

I am still having issues with the instructables robot giving me updates on replies like this one. (I had to refresh this page to see your reply/answer) Though I guess I had perfect timing condidering less than 10 minutes difference between your post and my reply!


3 years ago

By the way, one of their classic spam techniques just happened a few questions down from this one. The one about the address book that has just turned up as answered. One spammer asks the question and then another one answers it with spam and then clicks it as best answer. I am guessing that makes them harder to get rid of. Anymore when questions turn up with that apparent pattern I flag them. So far I havent been wrong.

It's really not too hard to deal with them once they're flagged and sitting in our queue. We certainly appreciate your help in spotting them and getting them flagged. Thank you!

I believe the power point 2010 one is also spam, the one that Russel answered. The user name is a few letters off from condom, probably done on purpose to try and get attention. But that in itself is not the reason for it being spam. The entire thing follows their pattern.

As seamster says, flag spam and move on.

However, if the spam is genuinely offensive, promotes something criminal etc, and you feel it should be gotten rid of more quickly, send a PM to one of the Community Team if they seem to be on line (we live in different time zones), or send an email to service@instructables.com with your concerns.

Community Team:



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I also am not getting e mail notifications, of any kind. I had a few new subscribers and just accidentally noticed because because the number went up but I never received a notification. Also no notification that someone left comments on my instructables. So basically I am getting no notifications at all currently. It has been that way for almost a week. I was going to mention it today but you beat me to it.

One of the ways you can tell the spammers is to go to their user page. They always follow the same pattern in creating profiles. The accounts keep getting flagged and are apparently prevented from leaving comments after they spam so these guys are constantly making new ones. I suppose there are now thousands of bogus accounts because of it. While leaving comments on the questions they spam slows down the deleting process, I have left them comments on their orange boards, never get a response, but at least its fun. I have quoted some of the horible english they use and asjed them what it means and just what they are trying to sell because I don't understand it. No answer to any of it which is yet another indication that they are bogus accounts.


3 years ago

Gees, this question blew up quite a bit! And of course I was not notified of any activity here. ERRR.


3 years ago

And another thing that I noticed. There have been a few of the comments that I have made on instructables that have never shown up in my discussion area or the comment area. I went back and looked at the instructable and the comments were still there but not showing up in my comment tracker, if that is what it is called.