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Instructables having trouble right now - we're working on it as fast we can. Answered

I'm not certain you'll even be able to find this post until the problem is resolved, but one of our servers crashed and is currently dragging of a bunch of the others down with it. We're working as fast as we can to resolve the problem.


Figure out what happened yet?

Disk failure?
Odd... that was probably unexpected!

Whew! For a minute I thought the local storm had rendered internet access unavailable......Instructables is my Home page on FireFox and when I couldn't sign in I feared what may have happened. Hey, I hope things turn out well. and that you can find the cause. They can be buggers at times to locate.

Dido.... Didn't know what to do.... actually walked into the other room and repositioned the modem.... Then I clicked google... ;)

Yeah, silly me, took me a few minutes before I realized there ARE other places out there on the web to go to so I can test to see if it is the internet or just Instructables.

My "opera" speed dial has only Ible.com links and google. That's it. It's linked to Google.au which when my "net" goes down usually I can only access Au. sites. So "naturally" I assumed the net was down again.... LoL. Yes I too had to think for a moment as to where to go to check... If only momentarily.

I nearly had an anxiety attack :-) well, I was bit anxious anyways.

And, we're fixed! Now to figure out why it happened in the first place...

I was wondering why it died this morning.

thaths why ibles died. i had the forums set to my homepage too


10 years ago

Ahh! I wondered what happened! :-)

Uh-oh, a server crash, those usually are not very good. Fantastic job in getting it back up, you guys rock!