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Instructables iPhone\iPod touch App Answered

  Okay, so i have an iPod Touch 4th gen, and i would like to use instructables on it when i am away from my PC, so i have downloaded the Instructables app from the app store, and frankly, im not satisfied :P the available app, only alows you to see the featured instructables on the main page, and nothing else. i would like an app that alows me to search, view, and upload ables, from the comfort of my smart device.... 

        It would be nice to have an application like that. So, thats one request put in from me, for a better iTouch instructables application.

                                                                                                     Thx in advance (i hope)



There is one for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.akasoft.instructables

I agree, I deleted the app and I just go on the full site on my iPod touch.


Really loving the new iTouch compability of the mobile version of instructables :D so far it has gone a long way, but it has not reached its peak performance capabilities. There still remain a few glitches and problems, but i believe that wont be a fact for long. A big round of aplause for the great instructables IT team!!

I'm not big on forcing people or companies. If Instructables wants to grow with the trends I'm sure they will do it on their own time.

I can whip out their Android app in under 24 hours easily but not without at least having a mobile site or plugins for their db to start

Is there a mobile site option? I looked up

And absolutely nothing. For a SOMA / Financial Dist business I would think that you would have had embraced the mobile movement already and started with 1st base.

Send me a note if you need help.

if they need the assistance - they can reach out to me when ready

They won't do that, unfortunately. You need to contact them directly through some PM channel for them to even listen.

I'm also not happy with the app. Takes too long to scroll thru everything to find stuff I'm interested in. I really prefer the desktop version.
Anither discouragement is, I use an iPhone, and I can't post topics, only read, and add comments...
It's weird.

I have the old one too, and I agree - not enough features! :)

I've heard talk of it floating around the office - here's hoping it will be in the works soon. People realize there needs to be one!

The app is old, and, yes, not that good.

The good news is that the creation of a new app could be created for us by the codemonkeys at Autodesk.