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Instructables is going to be at the UK Makers Faire! Answered

Instructables will be showcasing at this years upcoming Makers Faire UK in Newcastle! We have lots of goodies to hand out, and will have some projects on show for people to enjoy.

I will be joined by,


Last years Makers Faire was a lot of fun, I very much recommend it. I am delighted that we will have our own instructables stall this year.
We very much look forward to seeing you at the faire, and be sure to let us know if you are a fellow instructablian. 

- gmjhowe


Maker Faire UK 12-13 March 2011
The world-famous Maker Faire returns to the UK to headline Newcastle ScienceFest.
Expect a weekend of cool robots, garden-shed inventions, knitted wonders, the occasional fireball
and oodles of opportunities to make your own creations. Perfect for creative people of all ages!

At Maker Faire, come and play with classic synthesizers, see live 3D printing, learn to solder, play musical Tesla coils, become a Guerrilla knitter, turn a beer can into a pinhole camera, use a Wii balance board to control a robot, make your own stop-motion movie and much more…

This special event takes place simultaneously at Centre for Life and Discovery Museum with one Access-All-Areas ticket available. This ticket enables you to see all of Maker Faire plus Life’s planetarium, motion simulator ride and brand-new under 7’s gallery.

Tickets are available on the day or in advance.

Opening hours:
Saturday: 10.00 to 17.00
Sunday: 11.00 to 17.00

Head over to the Maker Faire UK website for more information.


...and don't forget the younger contingent will be there too!

... and are threatening to bring card.

We will only have enough room for the people! Let alone card!

Yes! An excuse!

I think the smallest Kite & Astro were planning something... large.

They think that larger than them is large, luckily they are both quite small :-)


7 years ago

Will those be t-shirts, to sell?

Hmph... They didn't sell t-shirts at the NYC Maker Faire...

I believe they are T-shirts for the stall staffers to wear (selling stuff is not allowed in most parts of the Faire).

Correct! I got HQ to send over some of the new t-shirts for us to wear, so we stand out from the crowd.

The larger boxes, behind the stickers - what are they?

that should be the instructables business card handouts. They feature an ible on one side.

And there's more!

Kitewife will be announcing a new pattern at the stall as well!

I'm writing a special Instructable, to be revealed at the Faire.

If I get things together quickly enough, I'll have a relevant freebie to give away.