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Instructables, it's a sport. Answered

Hey guys, I was on xbox live the other day and I saw an avatar of an xbox controller in an NBA style logo. It's where the center image is totally white, and there's a blue background on the left, and red background on the right. Then I thought to myself, "It would be awesome to have robot there in the middle.", so I did some paint editing, and came up with some different variations. Let me know what you guys think, because when I get some decent transfer paper, I might make one into a t-shirt. You guys edit them to your liking. I could have done a bit better, but didn't get very far in paint, and I'm not very coordinated in gimp. So if you guys make other variations, I'd love to see them, post a pic! Hope you guys like them!, Gunk on Floor


Clean up the edges!

Very nice, maybe they'll turn our designs into patches someday or something. Wanted to ask you, what method do you use to turn a picture (robot for example) completely white like we have both done? I have my ways of doing through MS paint and PowerPoint, but I'm sure there's an easier way than what I've been doing.

I'm photoshopping it here, I made a layer for the oranges and selected around the robot with the magic wand and flipped the selection to be the inner of the robot, then go to the coloured layer and hit the delete key, which clears the area. If you want I'll post up a blank robot shape for you to make life easier, you can do all those things in gimp though, except you might hit fill the selection with white.

Thats cool, I would have done it in gimp, by I'm a little Gimptarded. I'll play around with it some more, and see about coming up with more variations once I get a handle on Gimp.

Yeah, that's actually really easy, just select the white area around robot with the magic wand and right click for invert selection option. what did you think of the design?

Well, that didn't take long to figure out, I like your design because it incorporates the instructables colors along with the site address (which I forgot to add in mine, lol). I just have to figure out how to get the right colors because for some reason my gimp is changing colors as I paint them, it's weird. Yours is nice though, I'm gonna try to work with what we've both done.

cool, maybe you're in web colour mode the original image is a gif, go to image and look fr mode or colour mode, when you find it switch it to RGB

Ok, finally figured out how to use gimp and I've come up with this. It's like yours, but with a different slogan and larger site name, and rounded corners. Wonder if we could get some admin thoughts in here.....*hint, hint* to the admins.


Looks like we're onto a nice sticker design, guess the next moves mine lol, we should keep at this and refine it into something good... speaking of which I love the video for that song...

Viva las stickers! I'm gonna work on some more designs withing the next 2 days, maybe something going landscape instead of portrait, or squared off. I'm just gonna play around with things. Tell yah what, I'm gonna take all the designs on this page and put them into a new forum on something more appropriate for what we're doing, and I'll send you the link to it.

question, under which forum topic do you think this would be best in, maybe get the most publicity? I was thinking community blog.

Peoples that know more about geography than about NBA will think this is related to the French flag ... =o]

ypu. needs urgent color changes to red and white with no blue (canada) sorry, cross all that out. it should be blue and white (yay quebec)

Are you talking about the MLG logo?

I like the logo.

You should set up a CafePress store online and sell them.

That may be illegal, depending on the copyright status of the Robot.

I thought that we are totally allowed to do this as long as we dont try to sell them. that's what they said about making your own instructables t-shirts

Eric told me I can make a robot t-shirt without selling .

That's a good point. I didn't even think of that. Maybe Eric will pop in and help us out...

I personally like the first one the best.

i like the first and last ones


10 years ago

I'll work on one in Photoshop. I like the idea!

Let me know what you guys think.

i like the 3rd one

i like the second to last one, nice.