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Instructables links for a better tomorrow Answered

I am hoping this will soon become a forum where everyone can come to see lists of instructables that they can easily do around the house. This is not however an extra way to promote your unrelated ible. If you truly believe that your project helped the environment with then Zeroth law applies: Thou Shalt Post.
Also please dont refrain from commenting on peoples instructables from here so that people know what is good/easy/difficult/effective ect.

I will start by posting my own. Its not very good but it is very easy and effective and i still use mine without damage. Mysecondinstructable.

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mibz man (author)2010-03-16

if you like fishing, go here. If you need somthing fun to do when you're bord, go here.  if you need orignaztion, go here.  if you want to make your room cool, go here

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Jayefuu (author)2010-03-01

It's the zeroth law not the first. :) I said first in my latest ible and got corrected :)

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