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Instructables member map Answered

Sometimes we find a project that we’d like to actually see and touch. Other times we have resources (components, equipment, etc.) that we’d like to give away or barter for help with another project. This website is an excellent resource to build up a community of makers.

Also, 5 years ago I posted a project requesting help and I haven't received any answers, yet. I think that part of the problem is that not everybody reads the forums. In many cases, when we see a project that we'd like to develop, not knowing where the maker is located dissuade us to pursue such project.

I think that we need to develop a reference map showing the city or town where we are located. That way we could develop more synergy and by doing that, increase our resourcefulness and benefit all members. Don’t you think so?

P.S. I’m not a computer guy, but I understand that for some of you the Google API is not a problem.



3 years ago

Any progress on this initiative? I completely agree! Some of these guys are super-stars and you might not know if they're the next town over & might like to collaborate on something....

How can we spread this idea around? the instructables contribuitors?

For starters, try wiki.hackerspaces.org

This will include the Maker spaces in each state, if not Tech Shops, etc (not sure if they're included?) **But it would be a SUPER GREAT resource to have even a 1-5 mile "resolution" of where Instructable members might be. Who feeds into First Robotics competitions (started by Dean Kamen) or initiates new Tech businesses that go onto Kickstarter? These guys. Sometimes they don't know how great their ideas really are (I know the community chimes in here) -or other times they just need some local resources or collaboration to Get it Made!

There *was* a member map, but I can't find the link right now.

The problem with such a map is that it gets *very* crowded. Maybe it would be better to make the "location" part of oyr profiles more accurate (but still be able to hide it if desired).

If it is a "flat" picture, yeah, it could look crowded in some places. The map has to be a working (zoomable) Google map. The idea of adding a "location" field is a good one. How can we make it happen?

I guess the map might look kind of crowded at certain zoom levels.

Regarding the location. The idea is to show regions or metro areas, no actual addresses.

Oh man. PM kazmataz if you want to help out on the one she's making. Or check it out at Maker Faire.