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Instructables not indexed in Google search? Answered

Hey guys! I have produced 2 instructables yet! The first one got indexed in Google search withing few minutes and the second one has not yet been indexed. It has been 3-4 days since I published the second instructables. Any idea?


Try altering your search string to match your keywords, or altering your keywords to match the search that you expect to show your work.

Include significant, search-friendly terms in your introduction.

Work to make your project visible elsewhere - tweet it, post it to friends' FaceBook pages, send the link to popular blogs that share a theme with your project etc.

Your interference one shows up at the top. No surprise really since its an obscure topic with not much else out there using those kinds of search terms.

Your GTA San Andreas one is a different story. Because it covers a very popular topic there are allot of other sites and forums covering the same of similar thing. All using the search terms as your title. So google has to rate the sites on relevance and popularity of the sites. A key factor to this is number of page hits and how much cross linking is involved. Instructions like that tend to get better recognition on an actual gaming site or forum. Then if people or sites post a link to your topic that adds points in your google search ranking.

I'm sure google has already indexes your page but its sitting in a very long like of forums, gaming sites, and youtube videos that have had allot more then 3 or 4 page views in the past 2 days. Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do to improve your listing gin google. At least not without violating googles terms of use and getting your page blacklisted from the search engine. However thats unlikely to happen anyway.