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Instructables not publishing correctly? Answered

How come some of my instructables aren't accessible through any other means other than a direct link? I have a few instructables that cannot be found through a search on the website but I cannot figure out why.


If you're talking about the four that are on your profile page, you've probably been caught by the filters. First, you use a number of "questionable" words, which require that the instructables be reviewed by a human for safety and legality. Your fourth I'ble, in particular, is quite explicitly a terrorist device (IED) which could cause real injury if used. Second, you don't have many steps, which also can trigger Robot to either reject it out right, or pass it off to Staff for a decision.

As I had mentioned to Kiteman, I hadn't waited long enough for the website to update. However, I'm not sure why the "Airsoft Grenade" shouldn't be published, I have seen things more dangerous than that on here (in one instance I have seen a land mine which used several explosives as its core). However, I appreciate the advice on utilizing a stricter vocabulary, that could help a few instructables. Only the "Airsoft Grenade" is "unpublished".

Sorry if I was misunderstood. I wasn't suggesting that it "shouldn't be published," but rather that it is sufficiently obvious why it wouldn't get through automatically. There are lots of dangerous things on Instructables. The competent and thoughtful authors usually indicate the dangers, and recommend ways to mitigate them.

I AM suggesting that some instructables should not be published at all. If as you say "there are lots of dangerous things on instructables" may I ask why? I am glad there are filters, but the words an author uses (semantics) only clean it up to get past the filters. It does not stop it being dangerous, does it?
And yes, I understand about cencorship, freedom of expression, etc. but if it's specific purpose is -to be dangerous-, and the author has deemed it so, maybe it shouldn't be there.

There are sufficiently dangerous I'bles which either don't ever make it through the filters, or which are flagged and taken down after the fact.

If you read the Terms of Service to which you agreed when you signed up, the majority of responsibility for safety is on the part of the author, not the site.

Eric is not a babysitter. Neither is Christy or the rest of the staff. If you can't exercise common sense, or conduct basic research on how not to kill yourself (and did you know that walking out your front door can be extremely dangerous, depending on where you live), that is, to first order, your problem.

Sorry, bad writing. The "you" in that last paragraph wasn't aimed at you personally, but I didn't write it well enough to be clear. My apologies.

Thats alright, I didn't mean for that comment to be directed at you, just a general statement. But I am thankful you are helping me with this!

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Without looking at your projects, either you did not press the "publish" button, or you posted them as "private" (does the address have words in it, or lots of random numbers and letters?), or they have been removed from the lists for failing the publishing criteria (inappropriate, incomplete etc)

Thanks for the help! I hadn't waited long enough for the website to get updated, but they are up now.