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Instructables on NPR's Science Friday October 22nd, 3:30 PM ET Answered

I'll be speaking with Ira Flatow of NPR's Science Friday tomorrow at 3:30 PM ET about high-tech Halloween projects from Instructables:

Instructables Halloween

Want to put a little geek in your Halloween? We'll get tips from the folks at Instructables about incorporating some engineering DIY into your spookfest, from tricked-out costumes to computer-controlled, live-tweeting, Silly String shooting, jackolanterns.

Listen to the segment here:


I didn't hear it, and I don't see it listed as a show on the WITF (local NPR station) listings :-(

I just now listened to the only podcast I could find on the site Linked to above; and listened to 1/2 hour of talk on "Yellow Dirt", a book.

Did they remove it already? Or am I just not able to find it for some reason? *sigh*

I mean, when I click on the link that Say Instructables Holloween, it loads that video on Yellow Dirt.

It seems that NONE of the links are "accurate" at the site.

The one LABELED The PHYSICS of the Great Pumpkin; is the one on MY screen that came up with your MP3.....either it isn't working well with FireFox, or their WebPage engineer goofed up.


BTW: Loved the show interview too :-)

JUST finished listening to it :-)

I don't know why, but I didn't see the Embedded one, until I finally found the proper link at the site you linked to.....

You really sounded like you were having fun. It was super fun listening to live!

I dunno, sounds like some fundraiser NPR special show pre-empted the show. Or did it happen in the first half hour when the Science show is set for 3:00PM which I missed?

Looks like the only thing in NYC is that other Eric Wilhelm guy doing the weather on 1010 WINS. *sigh*

Just finished listening! What a great segment!

Oh wow! I am so excited! I listen to him every Friday.