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Instructables on NPR's Talk of the Nation - The Top Five Office April Fools Pranks Answered

I'm going to be on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" today talking about Instructables, April Fools' Days, and DIY pranks as a result of the Top 5 April Fools' Day Pranks article I wrote.

The people at NPR have sworn multiple times that this isn't a prank!

Update: Here's the web listing where you can listen:

More news articles about Instructables here.


When can I tune it? (and what station is it? I've never really listened to NPR)

This was where I first heard about Instructables!!

I'm in the studio right now!

A local National Public Radio station? Hardly national...

Eric, what are you doing online in the studio? Granted, that was seven hours ago, but whatever.

Sorry, W-burg. I had to say it.

There was a computer in the studio, so I logged in and did some work!

Didn't you hear the keyboard clicking in the background while I was talking...?

I wasn't sure if NPR had local strains. Especially because their website let's you enter starting and destination addresses to find NPR stations along the way of a car trip.

Probably the same broadcast, but on different stations. I don't know though, never listen to it. I guess it would be possible to have local programming on it.

Yes, but the "NPR" itself wouldn't be local. It would be specialized programming from the local station. For example, much of the programming from 91.5 KANU here (guess what nearby university they broadcast from) is KPR, as in Kansas Public Radio. Speaking of which, Jazz in the Night is on now. I should turn that on.

What a dumb point to argue. Can't we come up with something more intellectual? Or at least less trivial?

You can now listen to the piece online at NPR's site linked above.

It's great that the site is getting so much "air time".

This is great, I am listening to it now.


10 years ago

Uhm... I don't think we can pick it up here.... xD

at their site: A listing of today's stories will be posted at approx. 2:00 p.m. ET grrrr. That is getting close to the time for me to prepare for work.