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Instructables on New Scientist TV Answered

Instructables "artist in residence" Mikeasaurus has had his magnetic silly putty featured on New Scientist TV.

Kudos, Mike!



6 years ago

Congrads! Such cool video's!

magnetic putty: the toy that keeps on giving.

The toy that keeps on coming home LOL (as long as you have a magnet)

I should give this to my sister every time she moves out...

Something like that...

But whatever the case, after a few months, she always moves back home.

(Or just repeatedly poor choices in partners?)

Then again, I'm being a hypocrite. I moved out twice.... The first time was with a dandy ol' pair of women (partners).


Sometimes ladies can be impossible to live with.

I think it's funny how everyone thinks that moving out with your "friends" is going to be easy, and different than everyone else says.

Then you do, and it turns you into one of those cynics who say to never move out with your friends.

Move in with strangers - it worked for me at university.


6 years ago

Congrats- that's pretty cool!