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Instructable's robot not sending me notifications? Answered

For the past week, I have not been receiving notifications for questions I have asked, or comments on my instructables. They do seem to appear in the orange board, and I have checked my settings for email notifications twice on different computers to verify it is not just me.

I have also noticed that my recent replies to people are not answered or replied back to. Although it is difficult to tell since people to don't usually reply back anyway.

So if you plan to reply, and I'll keep an eye out for any notifications and keep the page refreshed, and hopefully reply within the same day, maybe then you (the community who answered) can come back and verify if they did not receive the reply? I wonder if the same issue occurs with PM messengers, Not sure.

Also how do I submit a bug report?

[EDIT:] Posted bug report here, as well as other minor bugs with the commenting system. (might as well kill as many birds with a stone as I can.)



Use the "Bugs" section in the forum.

Thanks, I will look there. Did you get this reply in your email box?

Its in my "comments" box, I gave up on the email reply thing years ago.

You find the comments box easier or were you email overwhelmed ?

No, it just broke, and I never bothered to see if it was fixed: and the comments thing works OK for me - I check it daily

I find that to be a pain to get to, I would much prefer to be getting emails. I hope they fix this quick, I just came back here to see that many more people started posting here.

Honestly, I am starting to doubt that the comment things works. Maybe its just slow to show things, maybe it's me being paranoid.

OK thank you! Yeah, I am still not getting emails :(

I tried going into my setting tab (the instructables one) and changing and saving and then changing again. Just to make sure everything was still set to send notices. Hasn't made a difference, still no email.


3 years ago

I am still having to check on all my instructables and questions frequently to see new comments. Come on devs, please fix that. I am losing all hope here, in favor of posting everything on YouTube!


3 years ago

Wow, I just got the notification that you did the best answer on the other question so I guess that is working.

Interesting! So only comments do not get sent though email. Post that in the bug report so that devs will be more likely to see that, mayube it will help them narrow down the problem.

Well the Operating system is windows 7 64 bit, and Google Chrome, which is the most popular OS and the most popular browser, at least to the best of my knowledge.Also, Did you get this reply in your email box?

I don't think any of that makes a difference in this case. It just tehm not sending out emails.

Notifications of new followers is not working either. And some comments made in instructables are not showing up in the comments list or in the count. And I too have gone to the using the tab to see if there are any new comments on stuff.

OK so I am not the only one having issues. I posted this with all the bugs that have existed for some time, most of which have to do with the fragmented commenting system.

('this' above should be a link, but last time I have tried to turn words into links, they did not work. I will update the bug post if this does not work.


If you suddenly stopped receiving emails the would that really have something to do with your browser? By all means unless you changed something is your settings it doesn't make sense that your browser has something to do with it.

I assume you have already checked your Spam folder? I know that I get all the "top 15" and "Best Answers" sent straight to my junk Email. Yet Replies, subscribers and Watch Items are sent to my inbox. Perhaps a miss-click might have set it (and future Email) to spam?

I know, it is extremely unlikely to be an issue from my side, it is not like it is a GUI rendering issue or anything of the sort.

I have checked like 5 times. Nothing new there, and nothing from inscrutables.

I believe the 'powers to be' are intending to terminate this site section by irritation to death.

Yeah, tell me about it. I want that old site back when the color theme was bright basic orange, home depot look with the high five hand as the logo THOSE were the days this site was perfetly functional!

The next post may not appear...

The Pro awards for front page and weekly news used to be 1yr pro membership.

Front page awards are, again, 1 year.

Super :-D..... back to publishing.

Thank you Kiteman.

Just to add to the fuss, I'm back here now because I got an email notification of all the comments that followed on from mine.

To my mind, the two most likely reasons are:

> that your email provider is filtering the messages to your junk/spam box

> that you have mistyped something in your email settings, and the emails are disappearing into the aether.

Unfortunately, neither of those suggestions seem to be the issue. The spam folder on my gmail account is the same as usual, nothing from here in there, and I did recheck the email address for a 3rd time to make absolutely sure it is not that. I still do get daily emails for featured instructables. I'm glad to here the emails work you you, though I have had others report back that they do not work, as well as see that some other people have posted similar bug reports w/ email.

Just checked ISP spam filter. Nothing from instructables in it. So messages are not being sent. For instance I received nothing about this new exchange. I just checked it because the count went up on the question.