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Instructables update - image URL upload, popular and feature notifications, a new header, and more! Answered

We made an update to Instructables last night and added:

- Upload an image from a url (http://...my.jpg). Look for this as a new pull-down menu anywhere you upload files.
- A fix for a paging bug on large page numbers.
- New header design that lets us better integrate our contest announcements, and gives us a spot for leaderboard ads, which a few advertisers have literally been begging us to support.
- Popular and feature email notification. If your Instructable makes it to the featured or popular list, we'll send you an email to let you know.
- The search page now has a big text field and pull-down menu, which should make it easier to use.
- and a bunch of minor improvements and bug fixes.

We're always trying to make Instructables better and add fun new things. Let us know what you think!


You forgot to mention the gigantic hand! Well... unless I missed that change a while back...

I noticed the change too, don't worry. I love it! I also really like the new Popular instructable system. It gives new people a chance to be a popular instructable everyday.

I like it too! Although... sometimes I miss the old one >.


10 years ago

The new image uploader seems to have broken DragDropUpload. I could swear it worked two days ago and I don't think I've changed anything. Anybody wanna confirm or debunk me?

Er, my image library seems to have disappeared? I suddenly only have 11 images in it ... ?

Fixed now? We had to resync the files with our solr server.

All fixed now, thanks. Just a thought - I currently have 709 images etc in my library - is there a limit? If I remove images from my library (to save server space), will they disappear from the Instructables they were used in?

If you remove images, I believe they will be removed from your Instructables. Don't worry about having too many images. I have way more.

Yes, same, I do not have any of my past pictures in my library anymore.

I really like the new improvements. The image uploading is awesome. I uploaded all of my pictures at once, and I was on my way. Good work!