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Instructables.com in the Classroom Answered

Hello All,

I have been in the Instructables community for the past 9 months on a personal account.  I currently teach computer technology to grades 5 and 6.  I had a thought that this community could be a great resource for my students to look for information and also share.

My question to the community is this.  Is there a designated area of the site or community that is solely education based or are there groups of teachers that share how they use this site and contents in the classroom?  More specifically computer tech type classes.

Hoping to hear back from some fellow educators.



FYI... we are full go with Instructables in the classroom. See our profile. Please VOTE for the kids if you feel worthy. https://www.instructables.com/member/MyWlakeTech/instructables/

rumor: some schools block ibles for safety reasons. Having done some teaching, I can see why. Having been a kid ( and some may say still am one) there's a part o me which might get in a tiff about blocking access.

In my day there were some books I had access to in elem, middle and HS. It's perhaps good that some books available in HS weren't available in Elem Sch.

Having been in a number of (UK) schools over the last few years, I have found that most do not block the whole site, but individual pages get filtered because of, typically, mentions of weapons (forget accessing information on K'NEX!), or maybe too much use of the word "hack".

There are special privileges for teachers, but no specific teacher-only areas.

Use the forums, use the instructables.

It's a bit out of date now (step 7 doesn't work any more), but have a look at this


(BTW, I'm a teacher in the UK.)

Thanks for the link. I was hoping there was already a group of teachers for collaboration purposes. That link will be helpful to get me started.

Ah, no, this isn't like Facebook, we just do everything in the forums, or via PM.

There are quite a few teachers here, but no dedicated teachers' group.

You should just start a topic with an education related title (and maybe share the link via social media), and those who read the forums will check it out.

Thanks. That is about all I found as well. Was hoping to find a subgroup lead solely by teachers, or a subgroup of student work only.

The problem I see that kids don't just research.
We get almost daily questions from kids that can be solved with a basic Google search.
In many cases they are even too lazy to ask properly and simply paste the question from their test sheet here.
On the other hand creating an account to show off your classes projects or to encourage the kids to create their own accounts is certainly a good idea - if they have the time for it.
Instructables is about making things not so much teaching things.
So you will find quite detailed instructions on let's say how to make a raspberry pi game console but no "ono-on-one" conversation to actually ask questions.

My initial plan has been to do what you have mentioned. Create an account to showcase work by kids. I think it will be beneficial for them to practice communication while formatting a series of steps properly. Not concerned too much on the What they make but rather how they communicate through written work and images. Also looking forward to some of the great ideas they come up with. Would like to know if others have tried this path to feature student work.