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Instructacon Welcoming At The Airport Answered

As some of you know this week it's INSTRUCTACON here at home base in San Francisco. The interns here were instructed to throw a welcoming for one of the attendees, jessyratfink. And everyone knows by welcome her they meant to grab her from the airport dressed in strange garb while making no introductions.
So... here's proof we captured the elusive jessyratfink.

Let the instructacon games begin! (Anyone have any ideas for a t-shirt?)


Ahhh, poor jessyratfink.


9 years ago

Have you guys ever had Knexer interns?

No, but I did bring Nebulos, my latest Instructable.

*Returns from sobbing in corner of room for 2 hours* You.....lucky....lucky...luckyluckyluckylucky.......crazy....luckyluckylcuky girl!!!!! I hate you!!!!!!

Not fortunate enough to actually get to go this time, unfortunately. :(

Meh, I don't really want to go to Ibles HQ.......I dunno, I guess I feel It'd be awkward.....

*shrugs* I think you're just getting nervous thinking about meeting Eric and Christy.

I think you're just getting nervous thinking about meeting Eric and Christy.

When you goof off as much as the likes of those such as Keith, bumpus, Gorillaz and myself, then yeah, meeting Eric and Christy would almost be as fun as meeting your new girlfriend's parents. (no offense to either of you two ;-)

I'm actively trying to make Randy nervous, but he's been too tired for most of it to be effective.

I'll work on some really uncomfortable questions to ask, just in case you visit. ;)
(My dad used to ask my little brother's girlfriends awesome questions like "What good qualities do you bring out in my son, and vice versa?" then not understand why they'd stare at him like deer in headlights. I thought it was hilarious all-round.)

That's impossible.

Randy is a pretty strange guy, if you look on the images on Instructables that contain him, he's always smiling.


Even in his sleep.

so to make him nervous maybe you have to be normal... but i guess no1 on here is lol

Yeah. Tell him I said, "Pull your hair." Seriously. Don't forget. And tell me what he says/ does.

Yeah, the funny thing is, for me, meeting Eric and Christy would be awesome! Much more fun than meeting you all. No offense to you. :D

Hmmm, either we all should be horribly insulted or maybe I hear the sound of "sucking up" LOL

Just kidding !

Who said (Much more than meeting you all...) first? :-)

I was so nervous around Eric! And Christy! And Crikey Mate!


Well, I don't think I'd be (very) nervous-they're just normal people. It's not like they're going to chew your head off or something.

But it would be very cool to meet them!

Labot pretty much sums it up. I haven't contributed yet. What am I supposed to say? Hi there, you might not know me, but I made a thread about who in the staff has the least dirty shoes. It got over 500 replies!

(What is instructacon?)

A con (convention) for instructables interns. We have events and everything! Which kinda just turned out to be me. No one else was able to come. I am the noob here!

*sobs* I was invited to instructables summer camp this year (I guess this is what it was)...AND I HAD TO TURN IT DOWN!!! (previous committment!)

It's true. Canida PMed me inviting me to "instructables summer camp", as she called it. A completely unavoidable situation prevented me from coming-I had committed to this months in advance, there was simple no way to back out of it. :'(

I would have went... if I weren't located on the other side of the U.S.... If I got invited, though, I would definitely take a plane out. :-p

i would come if i was invited and didnt live all the way over in the uk

Hopefully my 'rents will let me fly out next year.

Doesn't really give a straight forward answer... :P