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Instructions to repair movie camera Canon UC1A that will not playback sound? Answered

Does anyone know how I can fix my Canon UC1A movie camera? It does not playback sound.


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Re-design (author)2010-01-02

Did it ever have sound playback?
If you put the vid. on a tv using av jack does it have sound?
If you play thru vid. player does it have sound?
Can you hook up live with an av cord and play live thru tv? Does it have sound there?

Give me those answers and I can tell you much more about this camera.

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HandyHarry (author)Re-design2010-01-04

Hello and thank you for your prompt answers!  I have not had a chance to test the sound output through the options suggested.  But will soon, as soon as I get the other camera I am working on back together (successfully) :>D

I can link this problem to an event where my brother was having the same problem with his Sony camera and asked me to try his tape in my camera, as we assumed it was the camera at fault. It never gave sound in mine either and from then on I was unable to get sound working on any tape of mine. The more I think about this, it sounds like a dirty head, doesn't it? What does the sound head look like? Should I clean it with rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip?   Thanks very much!

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lemonie (author)2010-01-02

Can you link any event to this fault occurring? Have you cleaned the tape-drive?


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