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Insturctables Search not working Answered

I am having problems with the "Lets Make ______".  I enter a search (the letters do not show, so I have to assume I'm typing the right letters).  It seens to allows me to search, but instead returns me to a blue screen with the "Lets Make" button again, this time with an option to change where I'm searching.  When I try to change from Everything to Popular, it won't change.  Not only that but when I do allow it to search for my item in Everything, it returns EVERYTHING, but nothing on what I had searched for.  It is frustrating, and although I used to surf your site a lot (and have made a lot of things via the Instructables), your new search has made your site almost useless for me.

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mikeasaurus (author)2013-05-02

Do you have any browser add-ons running like AdBlock or GreaseMoneky? Those will stop the site from loading/displaying the page correctly.

What browser are you using? I've noticed that Chrome acts funny with the new site layout, where Firefox works fine.

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ihart (author)2013-05-09

I have the same problem. Using firefox 17.0.5

I use Adblock Plus. If I disable Adblock Plus for instructables.com, the search DOES work. I have not had to this on any other web pages. I think the developers need to fix this so Adblock Plus works.


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