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Interface board Answered

I want to experiment with controllers/interfaces and stuff
is this a good interface board (for me?)



10 years ago

@Firehunter--if you're looking for a computer controller board, this looks like a decent one. Ultimately, it depends on your project needs, however. I assume you don't want a programmable microcontroller, right? Because the PIC on this one appears to be just a bridge between the computer and the I/O. A nice set of libraries for accessing the info via the USB port, and an LED bar graph. @Tanners: "analogue output" involves a DAC (digital-analog converter), to output a "stepped" set of voltages--not just the binary on-off of digital output. This one outputs 0-5V, but I don't see the resolution listed. Usually it's anywhere from 8 to 14 bits....

it looks good. the arduino is more expensive, but there are more programs already out for it.

arduinos great and all, but I personally love my boarduino, as long as you have a big breadboard.

I just bought a kit from adafruit, I was too lazy to make the board, and look up all the parts on mouser to save like 3 bucks, so I just bought a kit, it was the most enjoyable electronic expierence (no boring designing the board, making the board, drilling the board, trouble shooting, just a nice and easy to solder board where everything works the first time. the board that comes with it is very enjoyable and easy to solder (solder flows really well!). It works nicely with my new giant jameco breadboard.

whats a analogue output?