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Inventions for First World Problems Answered

I happened across this article showing "17 Wonderful Inventions to Solve All Your First World Problems": http://www.dailyedge.ie/inventions-first-world-problems-1349251-Mar2014/ 

#1 is pretty ingenious!

#6 can easily be manipulated ;)

#8, #9, and #17 are just down right great! But I could see #9 getting a bit annoying...

#12 is for the book lover in us all

My question is...Do YOU have any first world problems you'd like to see a hack for? What are they? Do you have a hack for them (and if you do, please share!)? And better yet, what world problems in general would you like to see fixed and how would YOU fix them? 


I was having this exact conversation with my son yesterday, after the clocks changed - how about a device to change the time on several wristwatches at once?

Now that would be really useful! I would imagine it would be some sort of app or something. To the drawing board! ;)

How can an app pull and turn several small knobs?

No no no...You know those watches that are digital and can be Bluetooth activated and controlled by an app? Apply this same principle to changing the time...or maybe somehow find a way to program an existing watch to run off an app (like how you can lock your house doors with an app)...same principle. That's what I meant. :) And it was slightly a joke too since this whole world seems to run off apps ;-P

Ah, he and I both have smart watches that set themselves via phone apps.

You're right, though, I did mean a device to pull and twist little knobs.

But you probably mean a physical device that can twist all the little knobs for you at once (like you set the watches in this device and it does it for you)?