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Inventors needed Answered

Dear inventors and instructors, Let me welcome my self , my name is Arylic Singh and i have just started a small company called : Arylic which is divided into three small component companies which include Arylic Robotics, Arylic Green and Arylic Inventions. You see the main goal of our new business plan is to use the least amount of money on the publicity and the advertisements and gain as much profit on the sales. So our objectives now is to look for young and old inventors and makers and make deals with them for their invention or products. So what we do here is we take the idea or plan or prototype of the invention or product and manufacture it under the companies name but their would be a deal that 30% of every sales goes to the inventor. There is a advantage to the inventor because he/she does not need to put any money into the manufacturings. SO now we are looking for new and fresh inventions and inventors to join our company and sit back and eat the creams........ Pm me for further information or post here.



8 years ago

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30% of sales go to the inventor? Why don't we just cut out the middleman and make it ourselves? Realistically, if it's handmade to begin with, it's going to be hard to make on a factory line.

Should we send you our credit card information?

Hi I have many inventions and ideas I can help you. I am bursting with ideas. I am the REAL DEAL.

I thought myself was one word...... send me some info DAAABEARS@yahoo.com. I am looking for someone to help me with my invention. key word invention, you will see my wanted add. thanks Singh I just want to sit back and eat the creams.. I don't get it...

is this for real man cause i dont like fraud stuff theres to much out there