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Invisible Book Shelf Answered

This is a variation on the Invisible Book Shelf that I did (but didn't document). It allows you to keep all your reading books while getting some use out of an old phone book.

This book is a shelf, a "safe", and a mystery to those who haven't discovered the secret yet.

The photos below will tell all (except the first.. I just wanted to show off one of my patches). Any questions, just ask.

The total weight of the books on the "shelf" is: 19.8 lbs.



11 years ago

I like the instructables badge xD

Thanks. I still have to sew it on better then it is now and cut the other thread off.

It took probably about 2 1/2 - 3 hours to make the vice-like grip and make the hole. Since I made a "template" out of the top board that is beneath the top page (I cut the hole in the middle), all I had to do was use a C-clamp on the board to hold it in place and use a box cutter around it to first make the hole for the board to sit in. I cut around it about 25 times, unclamped the board, took the pages out, reclamped it into place, and continued cutting. This took me about an hour to make the board flush (the board takes up about 1/4 of the middle hole). Then I drilled and screwed the boards into place to create the vice-like grip on the pages. This made it easier to cut the pages out since I just had to cut around the inside and pull out the pages. I also screwed the pages next to the board down using 5 screws (two on the top, 2 on the bottom, and one on the side). I could have glued them, but I was feeling lazy. Making the whole thing took me only a day (after I figured out how I wanted to do it and finding the book). The hole itself is only about 2.5 inches deep. I can still cut away more if I want to make it any deeper.