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Invisible LINUX ? Answered

"To Jim Zemlin you need no longer care about your operating system."

Full story here...

"You don't buy an operating system. You buy a gadget that runs a program. The gadget and its software are one unit.

I call this Invisible Linux."

- Posted by Dana Blankenhorn @ 2:57 am


Hmm... Linux without the GUI. would this be a command line thing to start a program?

Linux is an operating system, not a GUI, and not an application program. Linux is the thing that keeps your hard drives formatted and organized, that interfaces with your keyboard, serial ports, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc. A GUI is just bells and whistles so you don't have to think about or understand how things actually work.

Do I detect a hint of elitism there?

Real (Wo)Men use the command line!


WARNING ! You have just failed the Turing test......proceed to the upgrade center for a new LINUX upgrade ;-)   

who, me or my computer? I use linux, and do you read xkcd by any chance? http://xkcd.com/329/

No sexism, though. Real Users Don't Need A Mouse.

What about those us whom need to draw and create?

So you don't LIKE the Gnome interface? ;-)

I like it fine, I just think my garden should be uncluttered by stupid interfaces in pointy hats...

analog computers ftw, the ultimate in plug n play who needs a monitor? LOL

This is a test.....blast...if failed....

If that IS what you are detecting, I personally have worked with a LOT of computers before the computer mouse was invented. I could say in response: real men/women don't use a monitor lolwe don't need no stinking monitors

Well, Linux doesn't need the interface (for instance Gnome), but it does make for a lowered learning curve. What he is saying is that it doesn't matter which OS is in a device, if it is made to work with whatever device it is in, in the most efficient and logical manner; so there is no need to ADVERTISE that this or that device uses Linux, just advertise the device, and Linux is distributed (at least, that is what I THINK he is saying).


9 years ago


Seems a fine idea to me.

Yes, I would have thought there would have been a few others commenting on this....maybe they didn't see it, or maybe it is a meh kind of subject to the Linux fans :-)