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Invisible concrete cube Answered

This concrete cube made by Daniel Franke and Markus Kison has the amazing ability to turn invisible. Thanks to eye-tracking and a video projector for each face of the cube, the cube has the view behind it projected onto its faces. The result is like looking through a glowing window instead of a cube. You can see the effect in the video. It's not entirely smooth yet, but a very cool idea.

Augmented Reality Renders Concrete Block Invisible

Death Becomes Her Halloween Costume

photo: Durchsehen, Exp. 01 (augmented perspective) by Markus Kison, on Flickr



7 years ago

hmmmmmmn, I don't see it. Where's the invisible cube supposed to be? Behind the brightly lit one? Guess it must be invisible!

This is kind of how I imagine invisibility suits to be like, but without the projector. Not impossible, but but it is in this century.

It's not invisible, it's just clear

It's not clear. It is a solid cube of concrete with the view behind it projected on the front of it. The camera tracks your position and projects your point of view onto the cube.

And only if you stand in exactly the right place, and there's no one else around to confuse the eye-tracker :-/

XD Cool.

That is an amazing piece of art.