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Ipod Nano 5th Generation Hacks??? Answered

I've been looking around for a hack to my Ipod nano 5th generation. Ipod Linux does not support the 5g and I havent been able to find anything else. Any suggestions???


theres a test screen where you can test the ipod's basic functions not much of a hack but its interesting if your bored, heres how. restart your ipod nano (menu and center button) then when the screen goes black hold down the (Rewind and Center button) and it will bring you to a new screen from there go nuts i don't think you can cause harm to it.

The problem is, no one has had/used the time to deobfuscate and code the hacks for it yet. This is likely because everyone is focused on the iTouch and iPhone. The nano isn't "interesting" enough.

i dont think youcan... coz i have one and i cant find any hacks for it... :(